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SEATA Rollator: The World's Most Comfortable Rollator

Introducing: SEATA Rollator by Strongback Mobility! The world's most comfortable lightweight rollator with a full-sized seat with ergonomic back support. Award-winning and innovative, the SEATA Rollator supports an upright walking and extremely comfortable seating position allowing for proper posture and decreased back strain.



The frame of your SEATA Rollator by Strongback Mobility is covered by a two-year manufacturer's warranty against material and manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. The seat and all other parts are warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase.


SEATA Ergonomic Rollator

SKU: SEATA Strongback
  • Specifications:

    • 19-inch seat width
    • 20-inch seat height
    • Wheel sizes: 9-inch front, 12-inch rear
    • Size (unfolded): 30x27x(30-39) inches
    • Size (folded): 30x10x31 inches
    • Total weight: 20 lbs


    • Patented STRONGBACK Ergonomic Back Support
    • Foldable Back Rest - No Obstructed Views When Walking
    • Seat Flips Up for Stable and Secure Walking
    • Wider Wheelbase - Side to Side and Front to Back - for Increased Stability and Durability
    • Larger Wheels: 9” Front and 12” Rear Wheels - for a Smoother and More Comfortable Journey
    • One-Sided Castor Forks - Safer From Being Hooked on Door Frames and Walls
    • Dual Running/Locking Brake System - For Increased Safety and Control
    • Height Adjustable Ergonomic Handles - Adjusts From 30” to 39” Tall
    • Soft, Stain-Resistant Nylon Fabric with Additional Lumbar Padding - Adjustable!
    • Versatile Storage Bag - Included! Can be Used Above or Under the Seat

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