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Introducing the EZ Ride+, the latest breakthrough in wheelchair mobility enhancement by Shield Innovations, a trusted name in manufacturing with a rich legacy of 30 years and over 75 unique products. The EZ Ride+ is a cutting-edge wheelchair power assist attachment designed to revolutionize mobility for individuals with manual wheelchairs.

This innovative mobility aid seamlessly integrates power assistance into most manual wheelchairs, empowering users with independent mobility like never before. Unlike traditional power mobility scooters, the EZ Ride+ offers a lightweight and portable solution at a fraction of the cost of existing power attachments, scooters, and power chairs.

With EZ Ride+, users can effortlessly navigate various terrains and inclines, expanding their freedom and enhancing their quality of life. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to newfound mobility with EZ Ride+ by Shield Innovations. Experience the power of independence today.

EZR-2 EZRide+ Manual Wheelchair attachment (Accessory pack Included)

  • EZRide+ Accessory Pack

    Custom installation for any manual wheelchair.

    Customize your chair with the EZRide Accessory Pack. All the extras you need to make your EZRide a perfect fit for any chair, rigid or foldable.

    Get all of your EZRide accessories in one convenient kit.

    The pack includes:

    • Set of two Struts

    • Tow Bar Extension

    • Set of two Butterfly Clips

    • Handle Bar Extension

    • Grab Handle


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