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Our Rentals 

Here at CFS we offer a variety of rental options in the area of hospital beds, Wheelchairs etc. For any questions about the items feel free to call us today!

Frequent questions Answered

Will My Insurance Pay For The Hospital Bed Rental?

Some insurance companies will cover Basic Semi-Electric hospital bed rentals, based on medical necessity. Our more higher-End beds like the Med-mizer Bed the Full electric Hospital bed and the LongTerm Care beds would not be covered by insurance private pay only.


Is delivery an option? What's included? Is same day available?

Yes! The fee will be determined based on location and bed selection. Included is delivery, setup and instruction. Same day delivery is available depending on selection and availability. 

What if I disassemble the bed and move it to a different location?
Before disassembly please call CFS for approval. If bed is moved to a different location, there will be a fee to be determined based on location and distance. 

If I do not keep the bed for the entire month do I get my money back?
Unfortunately, there are no refunds on any rental equipment no matter if it's one day or more. 


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