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Welcome to Our Hill Rom Gallery! We are thrilled to have you here and hope you enjoy exploring our collection of innovative healthcare solutions.

Discover the exceptional features and benefits of Hill Rom Certified Refurbished Beds, designed to elevate patient care in medical facilities and long-term care settings.

What does the Hill Rom Hospital bed Offer?

The Hill Rom Hospital bed is an excellent option for those seeking advanced comfort in different care settings. It comes with essential clinical features that can help care givers, nurses, doctors, patients achieve their goals. By having a Hill Rom Bed in your facility or home, you can improve recovery, reduce patient and caregiver burnout, and prevent accidents like falls. Moreover, the bed offers fully electric features, such as hi-low, trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg, recline positioning, chair positions, patient alarms, in bed scales, and more.


The Hill Rom beds we offer



  • Multi-Positioning: Benefit from versatile positioning options and a fully electric Hi-Low feature for optimal patient positioning and comfort.

  • Built-in Scale and Patient Alarm: The bed includes a built-in scale for weight monitoring and a patient alarm system, enhancing caregiver awareness and accident prevention.

  • CareAssist Chair Position: Explore the ergonomic design and functionality of the CareAssist bed in chair position through our informative videos below.

  • Advanced Therapy: Featuring an air fluidized mattress, the progress bed provides therapeutic support for patients spending extended periods in bed.

  • Smart Bed Capabilities: Experience advanced data capturing and programmable locking positions tailored to various medical conditions.

  • Patient Turning Feature: The bed's innovative turning feature promotes bodily movement and blood flow, aiding in wound prevention.

  • Full Chair Position and More: Enjoy the convenience of a full chair position and additional functionalities for enhanced patient comfort and care


Benefiting Features

Careassist Key Features
  • Fully Electric Hi-Low component

  • Multi patient positioning

  • In Patient bed Alarm

  • In Patient Scale to gather patient weight in bed

  • IV Pole and Oxygen holders

  • Lockout control position feature

  • Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positioning

  • Emergency CPR handles

  • Foot Extension

  • Removable head and foot boards

  • adjustable side rails 

  • Patient Remote, to activate features of the bed.

  • Patient Restraints 

  • Nurse call, Music and Lighting controls

  • Semi Chair Positioning

  • Safety Brakes 

Progressa Key Features
  • Fully Electric Hi-Low Component

  • Multi Patient Positioning 

  • Full Chair Positioning 

  • Graphical Caregiver interface 

  • Lockout Controls 

  • Indicator Lights 

  • Side Exit Assist

  • In Patient Alarm 

  • IV Pole and Oxygen Holder

  • Emergency CPR Controls

  • Safety Brakes 

  • Nurse call, Music and Lighting controls

  • Restraints

  • X-Ray Sleeve

  • Obstacle Detect

  • Progressa Pulmonary Surface

  • Patient Rotation Therapy 

  • Patient Data capture

  • Bed Extension

  • Dining Chair Position 

Picture Feature Gallery

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   Why the Hill Rom bed

Hospitals across the United States use the Hill Rom bed, with 75% of them currently using it due to its various features that aid in recovery and long-term therapy. The bed also helps reduce caregiver burnout and gather important patient data. Patients can benefit from the Hill Rom bed as it is one of the best options for multiple settings.

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