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 Please call us today to purchase the larger seat version of this scooter.  

Discover the ultimate urban commuting solution with the MS3000 Foldable Mobility Scooter. Lightweight at just 62 lbs including the battery, and designed for adult age groups, this innovative 4-wheel scooter offers a smooth and comfortable ride for daily urban adventurers. Its long-range capabilities, coupled with environmentally friendly performance, make it perfect for navigating bustling city streets and reducing your carbon footprint. With its 500W dual hub DC motor, the MS3000 can easily climb 12-degree inclines while providing a top speed of 12 mph. Choose between a 15.6AH battery for up to 25 miles of range or a 10AH battery for 16 miles, and customize your ride with a standard or plus seat for adjustable width, ensuring optimum comfort during your travels.

MS-3000 Foldable Mobility Scooters

SKU: MS 3000 MAX
  • Seat type: Standard seat (this is not the wide seat version)

    Range: Up to 25 Miles 

    Max Speed: 12mph

    Unit weight: 63lbs

    Max Slope: 12 degrees 

    Overall Width: 21.5 inches

    Weight Capacity: 265lbs


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