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  • Suitable for patients in medium to high risk of pressure injuries
  • Simple-to-use weight setting function
  • CPR knob for quick deflation & maximum security
  • Heel relief for optimal heel protection
  • Hygiene Boost Cover with welded seams enhanced cross-infection control by preventing

    fluid ingress

  • Total Heel Protection Heel zone cells allow the patient's heels

    to float with zero pressure applied

  • Robust CPR Knob Designed to ensure quick & easy access during emergency and prevents accidental


  • Quick Connector with Cap

    Fasten the cap and transform the mattress into a stable surface for safe patient transport. 

  • High MVTR Stretch PU Cover

    Low friction and shear cover with high moisture-vapor transmission rate for better microclimate management. 

  • Cell-on-Cell Design

    The bottom cells prevent the patient from bottoming out in case of power failure. 

  • Ventilated Low-air-loss Cells

    It helps wick away moisture from the surface to keep the patient's skin less susceptible to injuries. 

  • Cable Management

    Manage your cable and avoid tripping hazard with five loops located on the side of the mattress. 

  • Storage Strap

    Roll the pump in the mattress and fasten the storage strap for secure & organized mattress storage. 

  • Visual and Audible Alarms

    Identify abnormality immediately for quick and precise troubleshooting decision

    • Low Pressure
    • Power Failure
    • Technical Support

Domus 4 Alternating Pressure pad/Low air loss

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