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X-Lite is a lightweight Motorized wheelchair, that's airline-friendly and designed for

everyday adventures. ONLY 28lbs!

Introducing the X-lite, a revolutionary ultra-lightweight foldable electric wheelchair designed for seamless travel and comfort. Constructed with high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, this compact wheelchair is engineered with powerful motors, ensuring a comfortable and reliable experience.

⚖️ Ultra-Lightweight: With a net weight starting at just 28 lbs (without battery), the X-lite is effortlessly manageable, offering easy transport and storage solutions and standing as an ideal companion for any journey.
💪 Powerful Performance: The X-lite is equipped with two 200W brushless motors, delivering smooth and efficient power to tackle diverse terrains. Control your wheelchair effortlessly with the included joystick for added convenience and ease of use.
🔋 Flexible Battery Options: Opt between a single or dual 24V * 5.2AH battery setup, with each battery adding just 2 lbs to the total weight. Extend your travel range with the dual battery option for an unmatched travel experience.

ComfyGO X-Lite, A 28 Lbs Revolutionary Foldable Electric Wheelchair

SKU: X-Lite
  • Battery and Charger

    • The ComfyGO Mobility X-lite Aluminum Alloy Foldable Electric Wheelchair comes equipped with one or two standard 5.2AH lithium-ion batteries featuring a quick-release function, making them easily removable for travel or charging purposes. 
    • These batteries are airline and cruise approved, allowing for seamless travel experiences.
    • The charging time for each battery is 3 to 5 hours.
    • The X-lite battery can be charged with a regular home outlet.
    • Designed for user convenience, the batteries can be charged either while installed in the wheelchair or independently, ensuring uninterrupted mobility and ease of use.
    • The charging details for each battery are AC 100 – 240 Volt, 50 Hertz, at 1.5 – 5 amperes.
    • The X-lite comes with a standard 24V 2A charger in the box.
    • Range

    • Each 24V 5.2AH batteries provide an impressive driving range of up to 5 miles. 
    • However, it is important to note that driving habits, temperature, weather, loading weight, road conditions, and other factors may affect the overall range.
    • Motors

    • The lightweight Aluminum Alloy X-lite travel chair is equipped with two 200 brushless silent motors. Each motor operates independently, delivering a combined motor power of 400W. 
    • The capability to climb inclines up to 6 degrees.

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