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  • Based on features choosen, prices are lower starting at $3999 please call us at 310-817-5373 to customize your bed. Financing Available
  • Since the inception of the hospital bed - one of the biggest challenges for caregivers
  • and patients is safely getting in and out of the bed. Today, Med-Mizer has innovated the
  • ActiveCare Bed to solve this challenge.
  • One ButtonSafeTurn Exit — exclusive feature that fully automates the bed to turn into a chair and allow the patient to safely enter and exit the bed.

  • FullChair Position/Powered Recliner— full chair position to allow the patient the ability to sit in the bed and powered recliner allows for independent head/knee adjustments for added comfort. Watch TV, eat a meal, and socialize with family and friends while remaining comfortably in bed.

  • RollBack inPlaceTM — head of bed can articulate to almost 90 degrees with the assistance of rollback in place to alleviate shearing/friction in the lower back.

  • Built in Stand Assist — use the high/low as a stand assist to set the bed/chair height to an appropriate height to add assistance and safety when getting in and out of bed.

  • Advanced Features — optional trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg to help support advanced positioning needs and to help with feet elevation (potentially reduces swelling).

Active Care Bed Standard by Med-Mizer


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