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Healthcare still facing staffing shortages especially in senior facilities!

Staff shortages at Senior Facilities! What you can do to keep your love one safe! When assessing a facility look for innovative equipment at the facility. Medical Equipment, Beds, Med-Mizer, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospice, Get your independence back, Caregiver, Love one, Safety, Fall Risk, Staff high turn over!

Tip #1 - Ask about staffing

What is your staff turnover ratio? Where do you rank against your competitors?

Tip #2 - Staff per patient

How many staff per patient? How often do you check on patients?

Tip #3 - Medical equipment that assist the staff

When facilities invest in innovative equipment it says we value our staff and patients. Ask about equipment they utilize. Example: Med-Mizer Beds helps (Staff not have to wait on another staff to move patient, etc

To get more information about the Med-Mizer Bed clink the link below


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